How to Set Up a WordPress Blog

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WordPress software should be the most popular platform for blogging nowadays. If you wish to set up your own blog, WordPress should be your first consideration. This extensive WordPress tutorial series include a wide range of topics, installation, customization, creating WordPress Child Theme, etc. Please click here to visit our WordPress tutorials.

Blogger Blog Templates Layouts Tutorials

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Blogger has once become the most popular blogging tool due to the ease of use, free to use and with a lot of features. Blogger comes with a lot of default templates and layouts. However, most bloggers like to customize the default Blogger templates and layouts to give their blogs a different look from the others. Please click here to visit Blogger tutorials.

Create Facebook Pages for Business

Facebook Pages for Business

This tutorial series show how to create a Facebook Pages for Business. Facebook Pages are similar to a personal account that mainly for profiles that representing companies, services, organizations, brands, celebrities, etc.... Please click here to visit our Create Facebook for Business tutorials.

jquery tutorials

jQuery Tutorial for Beginners

jQuery is a small JavaScript library that can create interesting web page effects with a few lines of simple codes.

The jQuery tutorials on this website are for absolute beginners with no JavaScript or jQuery knowledge. jQuery is fun and easy to learn. Our tutorials start with the most basic and interesting examples. If you are just begin learning jQuery, you will find our extensive examples very easy to follow.  Click here to view jQuery Web Page Design Tutorials.

PHP Practical Tutorials

PHP Practical Tutorials

PHP is a poweful language that can create dynamic and interactive web pages easily. PHP is free, that's why it is so widely used on web page design for most webpage designer. All our PHP tutorials are simple, practical and easy-to-learn, and with interesting illustrated examples. Click here to visit PHP practical tutorials.

jquery blog

jQuery and Webpage Design Blog

Our blog will mainly discuss jQuery and web page design. We will regularly put on new jQuery and webpage design tutorials and examples on our blog. A new topic on Facebook Application development has also been added to our blog recently. Click here to visit our jQuery and Web Page Design Blog.

Facebook Application Development

facebook app development

We developed some interesting Facebook Apps. Some examples of the Apps on our blog will put on this Page Tab. Actually these examples are also live demo. Click here to visit Facebook Application Development Page.