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A blog is actually a website which can have a variety of subjects. The most popular blogs are those that serve as personal diaries. Unlike a personal diary, a blog is open to everyone to read and can even provide a place for public comments and feedback. Everybody connected with the Internet can share your personal interests, special events, daily activities or even secrets. This is what has made blogs develop so rapidly in the past few years.

Since Pyra release Blogger in August 1999, it has become the most popular blogging tool due to the ease of use, free to use and with a lot of features.

Blogger comes with a lot of default templates and layouts. However, most users like to customize the default Blogger templates and layouts to give their sites a different look from the others. Some users even customize the default Blogger to look like a website. This website provides some basic guidelines on how to customize a default Blogger template and layout.

Customize Blogger Templates with Dreamweaver

The easiest way to customize Blogger templates and layouts is to use Adobe Dreamweaver. Most of our Blogger tutorial series use Dreamweaver.

Blogger Templates Customization Tutorials

Our tutorials starts from how to create a Blogger blog, then steps by steps to customize a default Blogger template.

Getting Started with Blogger

How to create a new Blogger new blog

How to start posting on your new blog

How to modify the theme of navbar

How to hide the navbar

How to delete a blog

Blogger Minima template

Blogger Minima Template Layout Overview

How to customize Blogger Header

Overview of Blogger Header

Outer-wrapper HTML Code

Header-wrapper HTML Code

Header HTML Code

Setting Background color of Blogger Header

Blogger Header Title and Description

Align Header Title and Description to Left

Change Font Color of Header Title and Description

How to add background image to Blogger Header

Revision of Blogger Header (Part 1)

Set the height of header-wrapper (Part 2)

Prepare background Image and Add to Blogger Header (Part 3)

Align Position of Title and Description to Match the Header Image (Part 4)

Remove the Outer Border Line and Inner Border Line of Header (Part 5)

Final Result Adding Background Image to Blogger Header (Part 6)

Further Customization of Blogger Template Layouts

How to add background color and background image to Blogger body

Further Study of Blogger Minima Template Layout

Customize Blogger Blog Posts Section and Sidebar Section

Change Width of Blogger Minima Template Layout

How to add a Horizontal Navigation Menu under the Header

Custom Domain for Blogger Blog

How to Set Up Custom Domain for Blogger Blog

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