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Building Canvas Facebook Apps

Part 3 - Testing Apps Settings

We already created a new Facebook App in previous tutorial. It’s time to test if it is working properly. The most simple way is to test if the web page of Site URL can be loaded into the Canvas.  Let’s recall how Facebook App use "Website" and "App on Facebook" to integrate with Facebook.

how Facebook apps load into canvas

Okay! Let’s write a simple web page (index.php) of the Site URL. How about print out the word "Hello World!"?


echo “Hello World!”;


Upload the index.php file to Canvas URL, i.e.


webpage load into facebook canvas

It’s done!

Open a browser and navigate to the URL of Facebook App, i.e. Canvas Page. If everything works correctly, the "Hello World" should print out on the Canvas.

how webpage load into facebook canvas

Yeah! The web page of Site URL loaded into the Canvas successfully! In other words, the new Facebook App is working properly.