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How to Create a Simple Facebook Pages for Business

Most people are logging in Facebook every day. For many people, Facebook is part of their daily life.  Therefore this is no doubt that Facebook is really a good place to keep in touch with customers easily if you are running a business.

One of the features that business can connect with customers with Facebook platform is Facebook Pages. Now we are going to discuss how to create a Facebook Pages.

This is very easy, and just takes a few minutes,  to create a Facebook Pages. You need a Facebook personal account in order to create a new Facebook Pages.

Step 1: Create a Facebook Personal Account

You should have a Facebook Personal Account already. Create one if you still do not have.

Step 2: Facebook Pages Link

Now you can find the "Create a Page" link at the footer easily. This link used to be hidden some times ago. To start creating a Facebook Pages, click on the "Create a Page" link.

create facebook fan pages

Step 3: Choose a Category for Business

The Create a Page windows appear. Choose a suitable category that match with your business or service. Don’t worry too much with that at this stage, you can change it later.

create facebook fan pages

Step 4: Enter Category Information

Select a category and enter required information as shown in the diagram below. Don’t worry again, you can change the information later.

create facebook fan pages

Step 5: Enter Information

The next screen appear as shown in the diagram below. Simply click continue to skip all the three steps. You can edit the information later easily.

create facebook fan pages

Step 6: New Facebook Page Created

The Facebook Page for your business has been created! The following screen will appear.

create facebook fan pages

Now you can start updating the information of your new Facebook Page.

Confirm Category of Your Facebook Page

You can confirm the category of your Facebook Pages.

create facebook fan pages

Upload a Logo for Your Facebook Pages

Click on the Upload an Image link to upload a picture or logo for your Facebook business page.

Note: The maximum width of the picture is 180 pixels.

create facebook fan pages

The new Facebook Pages will appear on the left sidebar if you navigate to your Facebook personal account. You can navigate to the Facebook Pages easily by clicking on the link on the left sidebar.

create facebook fan pages

Once in the Facebook Pages, you can always edit the information by clicking on the Edit Page button on the top right side.

create facebook fan pages

Edit the Facebook Page information, for example, Settings, Permission, Basic Information and Profile Picture, if required.

create facebook fan pages

Landing Page of Facebook Pages

One of the wonderful feature of Facebook Pages is that you can choose the landing page, i.e. home page of your Facebook Page as shown in the diagram below.

landing page of facebook pages

What Is the URL of My Facebook Page?

The URL of your Facebook Page can be obtained by right clicking on the "View Page" button on the right top corner of editing page screen, and then select Copy Link Location from the drop down menu.

create facebook fan pages

Note: You can get a short URL of Facebook Page after getting 25 Likes.

This is how the new Facebook Page looks. Actually it looks same as a personal Facebook account.

create facebook fan pages

The above example is a most simple and basic Facebook Page. It looks almost same as a personal Facebook account. If you wish to create a more interesting Facebook Page, you need to use iframe Tabs for Pages.

We will discuss how to create an iframe Tabs for Facebook Pages in other Facebook tutorials.