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Facebook Pages for Business Introduction

Many people are always using their Facebook personal accounts to promote services and products. In fact Facebook do not expect members using their personal accounts for business purpose. Actually business do have some ways to connect with their customers or audience with Facebook platform.

The most easiest way that business connect with their customers on Facebook platform is probably Facebook Pages. Facebook Pages are similar to a personal account. However Facebook Pages are mainly profiles that representing companies, services, organizations, brands, business entities, celebrities, etc… In short, Facebook Pages can be consider as websites on Facebook platform.

The main difference between Facebook personal account and Facebook Pages is the way connecting with audiences. Facebook personal accounts connect friends while Facebook Pages are used to connect "Fans".  There are Likes button on all Facebook Pages. When somebody click on the Likes button (i.e. likes your pages), he or she becomes a fan of your Facebook Pages.

When people becomes fans of your Facebook Pages, they will receive your updating news in their News Feed. When fans post comments on your Facebook Pages,  it will in turn published to the News Feed of their friends! Therefore this is the power of Facebook Pages that fans help to promote your business for free by words-of-keyboard.

We will discuss how to create Facebook Pages in the coming tutorials. Please be reminded that the interface and working model of Facebook are changing all the times. Actually this is really very tired for Facebook developers.