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Modifying a Facebook Apps to More Facebook Styles Looking

In previous Facebook tutorial, We discussed about creating Facebook Apps that matched with the styles and graphic of Facebook. Let’s modify the styles of the Facebook App (MoneyBusters) that we created before.

Take a look at MoneyBusters Facebook App again. The navigation menu at the top do not like the styles of Facebook.

create Facebook styles looking apps

Let’s change the top navigation menu to tabs menu that looks similar to the styles of Facebook.

This is rather easy to change the horizontal menu to a tab menu. There are many tutorials on the Internet therefore we will not repeat the procedures in details here. In brief, it simply converts a vertical bullet listing into a horizontal listing. Actually you can download the codes from many website and modify a little to use on your Facebook Apps.

The horizontal menu of MoneyBusters Facebook App has been change to tab menu as shown in the diagram below.

create Facebook styles looking apps

Many Facebook developers also change the logos and header of apps to navy blue color (#3b5998). However this is really no need to follow exactly the same styles when developing Facebook Apps.