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New Design of iframe Tabs for Facebook Pages

The design of iframe Tabs for Facebook Pages has been changed again. Therefore you have to modify the settings otherwise your Facebook iframe tab may not be looking as you expected. The following is the major changes of iFrame tab for Facebook Pages.

Landing Page of Facebook Pages

The Facebook business page will now be the landing page by default. Therefore you have to set the Facebook App as landing page if required.

Take the Facebook MoneyBusters Page that we created before as an example:


The above link used the iframe contents as the landing page for a long time before. However it will now take to the normal business page only, as shown in the picture below:

Facebook Pages landing page

How can visitors navigate to the iframe contents?

Please read on…

Default Tabs of Facebook Pages

The default tabs of a Facebook Page are now Photos, Apps and Likes, as shown below:

Facebook Pages landing page

In other words, your iframe tab (Facebook Apps) will be added to the Facebook Tab. Therefore your visitors can navigate to the iframe contents by clicking on the Facebook Apps.

Facebook Pages landing page

The iframe contents is shown as below as before except it has a wider canvas. A wider canvas allows more room for design which is a good news for Facebook developers.

Facebook Pages landing page

Visitors can navigate back to the Facebook business page easily by clicking on the button on the top as shown in the diagram above.

Facebook Page Tab Image

Since the Facebook Page Tab Image is used to connect to the iFrame contents, this is better to use a more attractive image. For best result and without distortion, the best size of Facebook Page Tab Image: 112 x 75 pixels

Best size of Facebook Page Tab Image: 112 x 75 pixels

Facebook Pages landing page

Setting Landing Page of iFrame Business Page

If you wish to use the iFrame contents as the landing page, use the URL of the Facebook Apps, for example:


This will take your visitors to the iFrame contents of the Facebook Pages.