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Create Facebook Pages for Business

The most easiest way that business connect with their customers on Facebook platform is probably Facebook Pages.  Facebook Pages are also called Facebook Fan Pages or Facebook Business Pages. Facebook Pages are similar to a personal account. However Facebook Pages are mainly profiles that representing companies, services, organizations, brands, business entities, celebrities, etc… In short, Facebook Pages can be consider as websites on Facebook platform.

This tutorial series focus mainly on creating a Facebook Pages for Business. Facebook Pages are free so why not use this as a platform to promote your products or business.

Facebook Pages Tutorials

Facebook Pages Introduction

How to Create a Simple Facebook for Business

How to Create iframe Tabs for Facebook Pages

Create Similar Facebook Styling and Feel Apps

Creating Facebook Styles Apps

Modify a Facebook Apps to More Facebook Styles Looking

Building Canvas Facebook Apps

Building Canvas Facebook Apps (Part 1) - Introduction

Building Canvas Facebook Apps (Part 2) - How it works

Building Canvas Facebook Apps (Part 3) - How to create a new App

Building Canvas Facebook Apps (Part 4) - Test settings of new App

New Interface of Facebook Pages for Business

New Design of Facebook Page for Business - Cover photo and Profile Picture

New Design of iframe Tabs for Facebook Pages

Adding an App to a Facebook Business Page

Facebook Page Upload Pictures and Layout Summary