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How to post on Blogger Blog

Your new Blogger blog has been created in the first tutorial. Before start customizing the template and layout, this is better to start posting on your blog to see how it works.

1 Click on the START BLOGGING button to start posting on your Blogger blog.

blogger blog created

2. From the Blogger Dashboard screen, navigate to Posting tag -> New Post.

3. Write the Blog Title, Contents and provide a Labels for this post. Then click on the PUBLISH POST button.

blogger first post

4. If you see the following screen, your first Blogger blog post has been published successfully.

Blogger Blog Post Publish Success

5. Click on the View Blog link to see how your Blog looks. Hm... this is very attractive!

Blogger View Blog

5. Now you know how to post a new post. And you also have some ideas about the layouts of the Blogger template.

6. This may be time to think how to edit the layout and appearance of your blog template.

blogger layout tutorials