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How to Customize Blogger Header

For most blogger, the only theme they consider to customize is the Header. Therefore it pays to spend some time to study the HTML codes (CSS codes actually) of the Blogger Header. Once you are familar with the HTML codes of the Blogger header, you are able to design the Blogger Header of your own.

Oky! Let's get started...

The most easiest way to study the HTML codes of Blogger is using Dreamweaver. Blogger use a single file for the CSS styles and HTML webpage. However I personally like to use an external CSS style sheet. Therefore I split and copied the Blogger HTML codes into a HTML webpage and an external CSS Stylesheets.

You can click here to download the Blogger dreamweaver source file if you like.

In this tutorial, I only copied the Header Section of the webpage.

Overview of Blogger Header

Design View of Blogger Header:

Blogger Header with Dreamweaver

Live View of Blogger Header:

Blogger Header with Dreamweaver

This Blogger tutorial simply shows what is the Header.

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